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Q & A  | Tax Refunds

Q  I recently went to a seminar regarding time limit on tax refunds. The speaker mentioned that from the 2013/14 tax year, no refund of income tax unless request made before the time bar period expires. We have a client who plans to request IRD to reassess 2008 income tax refund due to incorrect recording of WIP.
The reassessment will result in tax refund, obviously, the 4 years’ time bar is expired.

Does it mean that IRD won’t issue income tax refund even though the Commissioner will amend assessment to ensure correctness?

A The Commissioner is required to refund tax before the end of the four year time bar. Also the Commissioner
must refund tax as a result of an amendment to an assessment that increased the amount of tax payable, if
the Commissioner is satisfied that the amount represents an excess over the tax paid and no more than four years
has passed since the end of the tax year in which the assessment was made.