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Humour with FBA

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Smile with FBA (Pub: 2 Nov 2011)
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Kipshaw November/December 2011 (Pub: 2 Nov 2011)
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Kipshaw September/October 2011  (Pub: 12 Sep 2011)
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Smile with FBA (Pub: 6 Sep 2011)
“Can you use this thing?” asked the boss, clearly
flustered and struggling to master the shedder.

“Sure.” said the employee, eager to please.

“Great!” said the boss, handing over a sheet of high
quality paper covered with signatures, “I’m rushing off
to the airport and have to get this done before
I leave”

The employee pressed the button and, as the sheet
was being swallowed, the boss said “Just one copy
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Kipshaw July - August 2011 (Pub: 20 Jul 2011)
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