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Income protection insurance for the main shareholder where... (Pub: 3 Jan 2008)
Can you please advice on the deductibility by a small company on: Income protection insurance for the main shareholder
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What is the tax situation where in a close company the company pays the boarding school fees for a child of a shareholder-employee? (Pub: 3 Jan 2008)
What is the tax situation where in a close company the company pays the boarding school fees for a child of a shareholder-employee?
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Under what conditions our client can register and claim GST (Pub: 3 Jan 2008)
We have a client supplying financial services – mortgage broking.
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GST on Referral Fees (Pub: 11 Aug 2015)
Can you confirm if GST is payable

on referral fees? Some background:

Our client is a financial advisor. He

completes a financial plan for clients

and one of the topics under discussion

is investment property. If the person...
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FBT Vehicle change of ownership Warranties (Pub: 11 Aug 2015)
Q I have a client who purchased a
vehicle in his own name about
a year ago and shortly after that he
started up his own company. We
would like to transfer the vehicle to the company and pay FBT on the original
purchase price and claim all the
expenses in the company. Normally you
would have to change the ownership
of the vehicle into the name of the
company. The problem is that a change
in vehicle ownership would void the 5
year warranty on the vehicle therefore
the owner doesn't want to change the
How can we get around this? Would the
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Food Costs deductible While Travelling (Pub: 11 Aug 2015)
Q For a healthcare professional
contractor, travelling around
everywhere to do the work. Her company
pays her air tickets and accommodation.
For the year-end tax, my understanding
is, she can claim all the food cost
while she was carrying out the work.
Am I right? If she lost some of the
supermarket receipts, but got bank
statement showing the payment, can she
still claim these expenses?
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ACC in Partnership (Pub: 11 Aug 2015)
Q: Can we claim ACC in Partnership ?
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Profit on Subdivision (Pub: 11 Aug 2015)
Q: ...Would any profit made on this
subdivision be taxable income? If it is
would he have to register for GST?
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