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Doing Business in New Zealand

Introduction Being In Business
Wealth Creation Choosing the Right Business
Starting A New Business Buying and Selling a Business
The Business Plan Information and Assistance
Finance and Capital Compliance Requirements
Business Premises Asset Management
Suppliers Employees & HR
Marketing and Advertising Sales and Customer Service
Managing Your Finances Property Investment
Insolvency, Bankrupcy, Liquidation and Wind-ups
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Bankruptcy (Pub: 7 Dec 2007)
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Types of Business (Pub: 5 Dec 2007)
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Starting A New Business (table) (Pub: 5 Dec 2007)
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Business Options (Pub: 5 Dec 2007)
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Plan Structure and Contents (Pub: 6 Dec 2007)
Having a clear and logical framework is the key to planning because it guides you through the process step by step.

The requirements for a business plan have been succinctly summarised by D Tweed (Massey University)
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Most Recent Additions
5 Ways to increase Retail Sales (Pub: 23 Aug 2012)
1. Set up a sales incentive programme:
Why do so many businesses have sales incentives in
place? Because they work - offer a...
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Choosing a Business Name (Pub: 17 Dec 2007)
It should be appealing and easy to use
The name should be easy to understand, spell, and pronounce. It should be
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Are You A Good Business Operator (Pub: 17 Dec 2007)
The real test of a good business that you have built up effectively is that YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE THERE!

Many businesses start small but you need to be very focused and set tough goals to ensure that you can build your business to a point where you make yourself redundant. In doing so you are adding immense value to your business in terms of resale value. (For some businesses this can be very awkward, particularly for specialist consultants who are knowledge based and they therefore have the privilege of charging for their services accordingly).
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Leasing Premises (Pub: 7 Dec 2007)
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Depreciation (Pub: 7 Dec 2007)
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