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11 Ways Other People can Promote Your Business (Pub: 7 Dec 2007)
Put your networking circle to work for you with these easy ways to generate new business.
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Setting the Best Price (Pub: 12 Dec 2007)
There are many ways to set a price for a product or service. If you choose one you are likely to get it wrong. Consider the following and aim for a best fit:
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Plan Structure and Contents (Pub: 6 Dec 2007)
Having a clear and logical framework is the key to planning because it guides you through the process step by step.

The requirements for a business plan have been succinctly summarised by D Tweed (Massey University)
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Selling is Case of Mind Before Matter (Pub: 7 Dec 2007)
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5 Ways to Handle Slow Payers (Pub: 7 Jul 2012)
Frustrated by debtors who drag the chain? Some people treat their customers and debtors as the same entity. But they are not the same: businesses need to be more cognisant of this fact. Here are some suggestions for getting the cash…
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Most Recent Additions
KPI selection: How to choose the right measures for your business (Pub: 1 May 2018)
Delivering high-impact key performance indicators (KPIs) is crucial to a company’s performance and growth. However, not every company understands what makes a good KPI or how to go about setting one.
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A Model for Effective KPI Reporting (Pub: 1 May 2018)
Effective KPI reporting is built on transparency, accountability, and comprehensive communication. It can help businesses to reduce costs, identify new opportunities, and make better decisions. It provides an opportunity for staff at all levels of a business to reflect on their performance and, if required, take actions that improve the overall performance of the business.

This short article will show you how to take control of the KPI reporting process.
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Top 5 Feedback Failures and How to Fix Them (Pub: 1 May 2018)
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Top 5 Feedback Failures and How to Fix Them (Pub: 1 May 2018)
For most people, giving negative feedback is the last thing they want to do – but if you do it badly it causes pain on both sides.

There are five common ways managers and supervisors fail at giving negative feedback.Know what they are and what to do to avoid them, and you can avoid the consequences of feedback failure.
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5 Reasons You Need to Business Blog Right Now (Pub: 1 May 2018)
Blog, News, Media, Latest … Whatever you want to call it, they’re all essentially the same: an outlet that enables businesses to share their latest news, views and reviews with their audience in a casual, non-confronting way.

But business blogs are really high-maintenance, right? Nope! A business blog done well is one of the easiest ways to communicate with your customers (and not-yet-customers), set you apart from the rest, improve your search engine optimisation (SEO) and make you look flash and sound awesome. What’s not to like?
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